Set yourself free by discovering your one-of-a-kind Mystery.


set yourself free by discovering your one-of-a-kind Mystery

Walk THIS Way

I’ve been musing recently on walking a path. Which way or that? WAIT, is there A way?

And then I found a poem I wrote a few years ago when I was homeless and nearly starving to death in a juniper forest in the high desert in winter after being abandoned by a “Teacher”. I am remembering now because it was nearly 4 years ago to this day that I was rescued, and I find myself back in this exact spot.

Talk about a Solstice portal.

I want to offer my experience as a guide to you on this DAY BEFORE The Solstice Gate Opens.

I had no one to call and nowhere to go. I had walked away from everything I knew - my life as it was, the church, my family, my connection to Spirit, I wanted to die. It was the kind of low that *actually can’t get lower.

The only reason I stayed alive was my dog.

I don’t know how that sounds to you, but if you've ever had a dog who was WAY more to you than *just another being, you know. A dog is pretty much better than anyone or anything. And as her human, I couldn't just leave. She relied on me.

So I stayed alive long enough to write another poem or talk to another raven or whisper another plea into the rising sun, and I just found this poem that made me giggle with a little bit of pain and whole lot of “Damn, I knew then what I also know now. What a non-surprise.”

The poem is on walking down this path or that path, and la di da something at the end says “but choose neither. Choose your own mystery.” I’m probably butchering my own words. I likely am.

But the point is, there is no path that is the right path. Because that would imply there is a wrong path, and simply THAT You Began Walking down your One Of A Kind path is the only path that matters.

Yes, THE path under YOUR feet. That’s the one I’m referring to. Look down. The carpet or the forest floor or the sand or the granite. That’s the perfect one that matters.

Not whether it’s good or bad or it will lead to divorce or a billion dollars or a life that is great or small. Your path is the only path.

So then I come to - how do we get to know each other, walk with one another, spend our lives with other humans if there is no way our paths can merge. Because let me be clear - they can not. They cannot merge.

What they CAN do is acknowledge one another and choose to experience a portion of one another. I can ask you, “what's your path like? What's your thought on that subject? What's your desire today?” but I can never KNOW your path.

This is where humans get it all wrong. This is where humans WANT to keep suffering.

“Oh, he knows me better than anyone.”

NO HE DOES NOT. he doesn't. And he doesn't WANT to, that's the kicker.

I recently watched a friend go through a nasty divorce. I mean, I assume she got a divorce. She shared on social media that she did, kinda shared a detail about this but it was very vague so maybe I have no idea. But let’s pretend a human was getting a divorce. We do this on social media. We watch is play out and we THINK we know.

So I kinda watched it unravel… and one of the things she kept saying is, “how does someone I know this well, someone who knows every part of me… how do they do this to me?”

And I didn’t say out loud, mostly because I have learned not to stick my perspective in when it isn’t directly summoned, but I wanted to say out loud “They do it because you don’t respect their path because you’re trying to take over their path. Get back on yours. And then maybe they will come back? Or maybe someone even better will come in. But if you don’t learn to stay on your path, you will keep shoving people off theirs and when they realize what you’ve done, they WILL leave you and there is nothing you can do about it.”

So, if there is a moral to this story, this is it: get on your path. Get to know your own path so beautifully and wondrously that people come and go freely, they REALLY feel your love. They really feel your love of your OWN life instead of this pretend love where you actually just want to control their path and tell them how to walk their path and then eventually take over their path and make it your own.

Stay on your path.

If you don’t remember anything else today, Stay On Your GD Path.

And bless ALL others, with no judgement.

Why? Because that judgment will absolutely nearly immediately bitchslap you even if you’re not a bitch.


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