What is your IDEAL diet to thrive?

Jul 07, 2019

This is one of the most important things to discover in your human journey.
If you truly want to live your life path, your diet matters more than basically anything. You MUST get on the diet that your one of a kind body needs in order to thrive. I’m writing this from my own personally created version of bloated intestinal hell while administering a coffee enema and salt flush. I don’t want you doing this.
So listen up!

I know, I know… I teach “you create your own reality” new paradigm yammer yammer thoughts over things, quantum physics, and epigenetics, mind over matter.
I do.

But there are some things, as we transition and ascend as humans into the 5th Dimension, that must be looked at specifically. We cannot blanket statement “thoughts become things” for every area of our life.
Like diet.

I'm going to get a little graphic here, but what about the human body isn't graphic? This little colony of bacteria and energetic patterning has very specific needs. When I was little, I had severe IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) caused by nothing. My diet was never addressed, and I know now the doctor couldn't have addressed it if they wanted to. A traditional doctor gets less than one day of diet and nutrition training in their entire education.

I had severe IBS, like constant discomfort when I ate. But I was skinny so clearly I was healthy, right? No.

When I was in high school, I had to take a leave of school because the gastroenterologist put Botox in my anal sphincters. Yes Botox in my asshole because I literally could not shit. My system was so destroyed probably from the pesticides and toxins in the food system, the chemicals in the water system. My family didn't eat organic; we didn't have “the money” for that. My gut microbiome, the FIRST brain, was completely destroyed from factory-farmed meat and hormones and antibiotics disguised as dairy. I ate wheat bread and cereals, corn and beans, all the things with no discretion.

I didn’t know about food combining, or how to maintain a healthy internal ecosystem. My entire diet was the opposite of what I now know my body needs.
When I got into the dating phase of life, I always gave myself an out especially if we were going to eat somewhere because I would never know what would trigger extreme bloating gas vomiting distended belly and just the most amount of discomfort ever. I chose to not eat most of the time or eat bread because it “made me feel better.”

When I was in college, 17 years ago, I started my journey with yoga and spirituality. I lived with an anorexic vegan. She's still a great friend to this day, and I do not judge. She described herself that way. I know we are each doing our best to figure out what our bodies want. She is an extraordinary human and deeply tuned into the natural world, so I thought that if I was going to be spiritual, I had to be a vegan or at least a vegetarian or at the very least a pescatarian. If I snuck in chicken every once in a while that would be okay too.

I want to pause here and say that is not spirituality. No diet is spiritual any more or less than any other diet. The only thing that is spiritual is listening to yourself, and feeding your beautiful body what she desires, not what she has been trained to crave based on addictions and our current acceptable world of totally-out-of-alignment consumption.

But I thought that was spiritual so I did it. It was a lot of farty yoga classes and my meditations were basically zero transcendence. Mostly focusing on how hard it was to quiet the brain when my body HURT.

Fast forward to my late twenties. I did a 30 day juice fast for my birthday, I think it was my 27th for my Saturn return. And I nearly killed myself. Literally. After that, my partner at the time and I were living in a mold-infested house, and went on the mold diet. Our relationship died, but so did the mold!
The mold diet is my ideal diet. I believe it's most people's ideal diet. That's just my opinion after all the research I've done.

The mold diet is essentially grass-fed, grass-finished happy animals, and greens. No legumes, no nightshade, no grains, no dairy, no soy, no inflammatory foods like corn or any grains rice, sauces, absolutely no sugar, most fruit, mushrooms, etc. It is simple, clean nourishment. Of course we must modify what is best for us individually and this does not work for everyone.

Within one week I was the happiest I've ever been. My entire body was thriving. I woke with so much energy, my entire day was filled with ease and joy, no swelling no bloating just absolute Heaven body. After 3 months on this diet, I was totally healed, so I gradually started reintroducing foods.

That is basically where I am today, combined with ridiculous research, self study and lots of trial and error. I've got my body to a place where I can pretty much eat a small amount of anything as long as I am conscious of the way I ingest and digest on a regular basis. This means I am quite strict about what I put in my body but you should be, too, if you want to look and feel ALIVE.

Yesterday was not good. I forgot to bring snacks when I went on a day trip; I assumed it would be easy to find really happy plants and animals to eat! No. This is not the way 99% of restaurants and human consume. My only option was eating nothing or a vegan buffet. I should have fasted. I ate the vegan buffet and I've been in hell ever since. I didn't sleep, my whole face is puffy and swollen, my gut feels like it's going to come up my esophagus and out my butthole at the same time. I feel like hell.

And the entire time I was eating, I was saying “my body loves this, my body is thriving, oh I love this food so much oh yay oh yum.”
No. It is not mind over matter when it comes to your diet, your gut and healing your body from all the ingestion and digestion abuse you’ve put her through.
Email me [email protected] with questions.

I'm off to do a coffee enema, a total system flush, and a meditation where I reset my organs to thrive. I’ll also teach you about all of this.
Get to healing, Angela

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