The HOLY DAY Calm Before The LIGHT Storm

Dec 27, 2019

When I was little, I lived on an island floating out in the ocean. It was called the Island of the Lady.

Stop for a minute and think about where you are “from.” This is the time of year to reflect on ALL that you are, all that you are made from, came from, filled with, giving out.

It’s all the same.

And now stop for another moment in wonder : how strange is that? I lived on a land mass floating in the giant sea and that was normal life. Incredible. We can live in so many places. This human life is extraordinary.

Anyway, there were hurricanes that would come and threaten to hit us, which added a ton of excitement to my already super exciting life floating on a huge rock in the vast sea. Imagine, if you can, being a little kid and wandering around, looking up at all these clouds, and around at all these plants and animals and feeling the magic of ALL. I am still blown away with my little human experiences. The energy would start to stir in the air. The animals would pace in anticipation and the plants would prep for a joyride. And the weatherman would always say “This here is the Calm before the Storm” in his very authoritative and usually incorrect know-it-all way and all the humans would go ape shit. They would start to wrap their houses in wooden planks even though they cut down the trees in their yard for landscaping, and they would then wrap those bastardized flat weird wooden non-tree planks in plastic and cover all the entryways and try to “protect” their “things.” My mom would start to collect jugs made of plastic to fill with water even though there was a pond behind our home. And also rain would shortly be falling from the sky - free water! And she would collect “food” in metal cans and plastic wrappers even though the yard and the universe is full of plants and animals waiting to serve human bodies.

See? The wonder. It’s just hilarious and so cool.

But the weatherman. That guy. He would say “the calm before the storm” and it was like he had a magic wand that would scramble everyone’s insides. I wanted to call him and say HEY KNOCK IT OFF YOU’RE MAKING IT ALL WORSE. But I was a kid and he had a job to do.

So this morning, I feel this calm. And I want to call that man and say thanks. Because I can’t help but say “before the storm.” It’s like embedded in my subconscious. I mean, it is. We will talk about subconscious later… but this calm. It’s real. The storm, it’s real. And we are in it now.

We are in the space after the Holy Days and the light is returning and then DA DA DA DAHHHHHHH (say it out loud like you’re presenting something with me because you are! We are presenting 2019 together!) 2018 is going to be GONE. And 2019 will be right in front of us.

Here we are. The calm before the storm. Maybe you are feeling a lot after the holidays - maybe full - literally from food or figuratively from human interactions. Maybe you are feeling sad or lonely if the holidays are a time of struggle for you. Maybe you ate an entire bag of chemical-filled non-chocolate but your body is well equipped to handle such fun because she is in tip top shape like mine. Man, that Dove choc was so yummy with peppermint bark on top!

It is likely, if you’re a human like me, you are feeling a giant plethora of emotions. I almost wrote python. Maybe you are feeling a giant python of emotions. Nothing surprises me.
I urge you - in whatever way possible - to stay present with where you are. The calm is here as a launching pad into our next year, and no matter what calendar you follow - the entire world agrees that the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another is HUGE and so it WILL impact you.

How are you preparing?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can email me [email protected]

I am swirling beside you.


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