She Rises

Jan 17, 2019

As I was driving this morning, I heard a voice.

Back up.

I was annoyed because I woke up at the crack of dawn to see the sunrise and the snow clouds were hovering so low I couldn’t see the sun, much less the road.

No sunrise, irritated Angela.

I was so present in my irritation, I heard the voice as soon as it came in.




This used to happen when I was younger, a guide or master or angel or someone would tell me something that I “shouldn’t” be able to know but I definitely knew. Sometimes it was about someone else like - that my 8th grade math teacher was in love with my 10th grade English teacher even though I hadn’t yet met my 10th grade English teacher (bc I was in 8th grade) or sometimes it was about me and my path like - being given a Welsh goddess’s name as my birthright even though I literally didn’t even know Wales was a place on this planet. I still have that name by the way. And Wales is my home. And yes, Ms, Furjanick was in love with Mr. Damn I Can’t Remember His Name.

I thought I had bipolar or multiple personalities but then I saw “girl, interrupted” and thought how much fun it would be to spend a season in a mental institution so I knew I really was unfortunately sane.

Anyway, when I was a kid I learned real fast how to suffocate that voice so I could fit into some kind of acceptable mold.

I didn’t want to be the girl who heard voices on top of everything else like being beautiful, brilliant, and completely in love with life.

Funny how we do that, huh women? We have a hard time having it ALL and having it ALL effortlessly.

Adult Angela kinda forgot how often it used to happen. Real life and tantra and bills and a 17 year old dog and accidentally following an ex’s ex on social media makes you forget about talking to the other realms sometimes. Because we’re trying to do it all without doing actually anything.

But because of the Mystery School activations with this most powerful mystical group of humans I’ve ever not-seen (get it? It’s a secret school so we don’t see each other!), the voices are back. All of them. Louder and clearer than ever before.
I heard, like he was sitting next to me in the passenger seat : You won’t take that flight.

And guess where I’m not right now?

In a tropical location. (p.s. Sorry to everyone who also had to deal with a cancelled flight because I was incapable of following instructions.

I’ll try harder tomorrow.

Or right now.

Blastoff 3-2-1.

Oh, and? When the voice came through, guess who else came through? The sunrise, THATS AN UNEDITED PHOTO, Y’ALL.

Turns out, when we stop and listen and RISE, we get what we want that we didn’t even know we wanted. aka the She Rise.


p.s. if you’re wondering how to talk to the other realms and RISE, the Mystery School is open for enrollment.

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