Self-Imposed Time OUT

Jan 13, 2019

I recently reached out to a few women I was interested in collaborating with for my sustainable, slow clothing brand WearGoddess. These women all had either online or brick and mortar resale shops so they were totally the kind of women I wanted to work with.

Or so I thought.

Now, I am CRAZY passionate about educating women on the importance of embodying Queen beauty but not at the cost of harming our earth. And since I am transitioning out of WearGoddess's previous incarnation, I was so excited to give other women the chance to be in the spotlight and for us to come together and create something inspiringly beautiful. I wanted to show other women that we really can uplift one another without the bullshit drama.

The women I reached out to, even though I actually know most of them, didn’t get back to me for a day or two days or three days, even though I know their phone is in their hand most of the day.

And then the first response rolled in. And the second. And my theory about women was sadly confirmed.

My reason for transitioning out of WearGoddess and into my teaching practice was solidified.

The #1 major issue I have seen in every client I've ever worked with is: women are over-saturated, overfilling. attempting to over-fulfill, multitasking and trying to prove their worth doing 5 things they’re semi-good at which results in nothing really getting done except complete exhaustion. Women have a side hustle or 3, a main hustle or 3, 3 jobs and children or they’re trying to have children and everything is so… overwhelming, busy, too much.

Women are not taking the time for themselves to know what it is they really want to do.

I found this to be the case for myself until recently when I decided that, even though WearGoddess is massively profitable (I have made more money with WearGoddess than I have in the rest of my life combined), clothing resale is not what I came to to do.

So I decided to change it.

People have asked WHY? Why would I quit something I am so great at???

Number 1, I am not quitting.
Number 2, if you're not doing what you came here to do, even if you have a billion dollars you are wasting your time.

Hold on, because I'm going to tell you how to fix this.

I want to tell you to stop.

Most women are trying to do way too much, and the worst part? They don’t even know what they’re doing. They aren't good at any one thing, they aren't excellent at any one thing, because they’re trying to do it all in aneffort to be “successful" or look a certain way on social media.

I have found in my teaching business that this is also the case. Women do not know what they came here to do and are trying desperately to do it all and they’re trying to make it all look really good. And they all feel like frauds, because they are.

If you are not doing and what you came here to do, and you’re filling up your time and space with so much extraneous layered stuff, you’re wasting your energy and time.

Women, we have got to stop this epidemic. The time is now.

How do you heal and find what you came here to do?

Here are some tips...
-at the gas station, instead of texting or scrolling social media to feel shitty that you aren’t doing enough - GAZE AT THE SUN. Hike up your dress, and let the sun heal you.
-turn your phone off when the sun goes down
-delete anyone from social media or your life who doesn't inspire you to be better, kinder, more beautiful
-call your mom or grandma
-jump in ice cold water
-eradicate sugar from your diet
-give up coffee and/or alcohol for a month or a week
-choose yourself over everything
-quit your side hustle

Take moments in your day to rest in yourself so that when you DO work - in a designated time instead of all day long - you are SO productive that most of your day is not work. All the work in the world is not yours. Your work is Your Work. And stop letting other work get in the way of you doing your mission. You can’t deal crystals, clothes, self-help books, aromatherapy, hair care, relationship advice, and more.
PICK ONE ... the one you came here to do.

Hobbies are excellent. I love hobbies. Make sure your hobbies are hobbies and your work is THE only thing you spend your time working on. Let’s eradicate this idea of the side hustle, or the hustle completely. Stop glorifying your exhaustion. We must chill the insanity, surrender and receive the messages. WE ARE WOMEN. We are meant to surrender and receive.
Our work is meant to be effortless.

If you aren’t effortless, you aren’t doing your work.
Stop trying so hard.

And if you own a brick and mortar store and you want to have a beautiful rack of WearGoddess adornments or home adornments because it is a hobby for me and I love it but want to make YOU profitable, send me an email [email protected]
Have the best and most productively FUN day of your entire life.



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