Here, Take This Full Moon Sanity Pill

Jan 20, 2019

I woke this morning - after sleeping nil, anyone else? - to my niece’s presentation of the piece of artwork which is the cover photo of this blog.

She knows nothing of the Full Wolf Moon/Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse happening tonight. Her mom is the opposite of woowoo Aunt Angela and doesn’t share anything of the like.

Everyone KNOWS whether they know or not.

On a day such as today, WE ALL KNOW. This is the power of a full blood moon activation of the planet earth, ladies and gentlemen.

So, back to my sad sap story: I woke without having slept in what feels like 5 years and then the day began.

To say I was beyond emotional is a ridiculous understatement.

I felt like my body was being split in 2 - the human me and the nonhuman me. I felt like my heart was being cracked in half, like literally pulled apart at the non-seam. I felt like my whole life was crashing down around me and here I was in a 1st world country, cuddled under a down blanket and choosing to complain about my really painfully conscious, perfectly screwed up life.

*Okay, clarification : no matter what world you live in, you’re allowed to have a shitty day. It doesn’t matter if you live in a billion dollar home (do those even exist in real life?) or are homeless like me, you can still have the worst day of your life any damn day you please.*

“I want to return to the other realms,” I begged my guides. I was only 1/2 not joking. They didn’t find me amusing considering I’ve already died a couple times, so I had to stop that shit real fast. I’m not looking for 3rd times the charm. And, anyway, then the emails and messages of gratitude started rolling in so I really had to quit.

Apparently I am inspirational in my non-human humanness so I gave up on begging, surrendered to my humanness… and then the human headache set in. So my left and right brain were now being sawed apart by the moon.

I felt like I drank a bottle of wine and then smoked 2 packs of cigarettes laced with arsenic.

I, of course, opened my phone to write an insta post about all these people posting “really important world events” that actually don’t matter in the grand scheme of humanity but then I erased it before anyone saw because I only wrote it to elicit a response and that’s the same waste of energy as the posts about floods or fires or rallies or the president - not contributing to the kind of world I choose to live in.
I was proud of myself for 10 minutes and then I remembered my headache without the distraction of the instagram aggressive posting.

My water and lemon and acv fast started to feel like Chinese water torture, which would possibly have been preferable at that point in my day and I wanted to crawl into a cave and throw up but I had 3 hours of work to do.

Holy hell.

So. Pay attention.

The Capricorn axis is essentially asking us to call every man who has ever done dumb shit to disrespect our innate Queenness and tell them exactly what we think about their masculinity.

The Cancer axis (thankfully she rules us Women) asks us to hold the men. Hold ourselves. Hold humanity and please, put the GD phone down. And just stop. Rest. Eat. Chill out.

This Full moon is pushing us into our shadow like never before. Don’t fall prey. Get out of the ugly mess you’re dragging yourself into and get on top of your beautiful human mess.

There are always 2 sides to you. Choose the one you WANT to be, not the one who is trying to take over right now.

We’ve got this.


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