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Feb 10, 2019

February is what we call an opening month. Yes, it is one of the first months of 2019... but more than that, it is a chakra opening month, as it centers around the heart chakra and all the colors and energies associated with that area of our spiritual body made manifest in the physical realm.

Whether we agree with the whole holiday hoopla that happens, it happens.

The group mind agrees that it is so.

And so it is.

Since it is so, let’s fully tap into the power of this time of year to get what we really want. To be clear: We will get something. Let’s decide what that is before someone else does it for us!

Valentine's Day holds a very powerful love energy that enraptures this whole month. So, whether you are in relationship with your self in the way you'd like to be or you are working on twin flame/union in the external way, here we are.

Internal and external union are the same, the only caveat is that the internal must happen 1st!

February is here to serve us individually and collectively. February rips us wide open so that we can feel all the feels and experience the world in the way we want to experience it. We create, through the spells we cast on a daily basis - THOUGHTS, WORDS, BREATH, MOVEMENT, WRITING, SHARING ON SOCIAL MEDIA, these are all spells - our human experience.

If you don’t like what you are experiencing - or if you love what you are experiencing and want more of is, this is the perfect time to learn how to change your whole life.

Here is one spell-casting activity I LOVE for February:

  • Begin each morning with a list - in a journal, handwritten is important here - of everything from the day before that you want more of. Forget about the things you don’t want more of. Give your attention ONLY TO that which you want more of.


  • Now, write a new list of what you want to experience TODAY. note: do not write “Go to Hawaii” if you don’t actually want to go to Hawaii today. If you aren’t willing to jump on a plane today, don’t write it. Write only what you actually want to experience TODAY. p.s. you do NOT want to experience more money. WHY do you want the money? Write the true, core desire not the means.


  • Now, go through your list and number them in the order you’d like to experience them. For instance, if you really want a superfood smoothie before you want to receive a call from a long lost friend, number them in that way.


  • Now, beside each item on your list write one action step. The action step is the key. For instance, if you want a superfood smoothie and you don’t even know what superfoods are, your action step might be “google superfoods” or to look for a blender on your local facebook marketplace buy-sell-trade group.


  • Now, for the most important step. DO IT. TAKE ACTION. Do not sit and wait for something to happen. The way - the only way - we get what we want is to start changing the things we do. So do it. JUST DO IT. Take the action step for #1 on your list. Then the action step for #2 and do not go to bed until you have taken one action in the direction of each of your dreams.

One of the things I want to experience is MORE FREEDOM. More bodies. More humans loving themselves and one another. And the action step I am taking is doing a Valentine’s Day campaign called #EveryBodyLovesBodies and it’s a photo project. If you want to learn more, read about it here and submit your photo!

I want to change the world with your beautiful body alongside mine, on display so we can keep the beauty hidden no longer. We have kept ourselves hidden out of fear… when what the world needs is to see us. We deserve to be seen. This is how we can heal ourselves and all others.

Cast your LOVE spell with me. And let me by emailing me [email protected].


February 11, 2019

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