Can I Get Personal With You?

Mar 23, 2019

You’re here so I’ll assume the answer is yes. If not, go away now and get on with your life! Look around the world :
Nobody has time to be wasted.

If the answer is yes, YAY HOORAY (and also : buckle in).
Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be transparent. My transparency will awaken something in you, this I can guarantee.

You don't owe me anything in exchange except this :

Stop hiding. This *may be the only way you save yourself. Get so transparent that you can never hide and you are forced to choose and create your own Destiny before it is chosen and created for you.

I am going to get so personal in this newsletter because that's the way I choose to roll (forever but especially) from now on. SO PERSONAL ANGELA.
For the first time ever, i have nothing to hide and it feels so good!

Tonight, I went to a place that sits on top of 9 ley lines of spiritual significance. If you don't know what a ley line is, google it. This place also sits on top of 3 rivers that converge in an aquifer. It is a place that holds th entire universe in perfect resonance.

To say the land is special is the understatement of the day... and today has been pretty overstated.


While I was in this place, many many things occurred that are inexplicable, but the culmination came down to an old Cherokee Tale I was told once upon a time. It was presented again by a new teacher. The tale is of the 2 beasts that reside inside every human.

There is the good, pure, joyful, serene, generous, beautiful, delicious, kind, gracious, abundant teacher/student ALL OF LIFE beast who is truly here to learn grow fuck up and do it better. Who is dedicated to do it better and better and better.

And then there is the other beast. The beast that is evil. Angry. Awful. Spiteful. Sorrowful. Ugly. Guilty. Fearful. Egoic. Greedy. Competitive. Not good enough. You get it. The beast that we all hate and see in ourselves when we are completely out of alignment.

The tale ends with the child asking the elder "Which will I be?" and the elder says something like, "Whichever beast you feed is the one that grows the fastest."

I was shaken to my core, remembering. Remembering. remembering all the times I accidentally fed the beast I didn't want to be, and ended up laying on the floor, miserable. Hating myself and all others.

And I remembered the vow I took to feed the beautiful, perfect, Angela true beast of absolute crystal clear integrity and life.

And I sat stunned at the simplicity of being a complicated human.


And then. Just as we were driving away, talking about these 2 beasts, a coyote stood in the road staring at the car. Staring at us. We stopped the car. And slowly she turned, summoned the other beast, and together they crossed the road into the wild.

Two beasts.

Which one will you choose to feed?

Being human is so challenging when you feed the wrong beast, fyi. If your life is hard, you're feeding the wrong beast. Life may be challenging for ALL of us, but it is so deliciously worth it when the beast you want to be is fed. The actions you take, the words you speak, the beast you choose to feed becomes you.

And it is so simple when you choose that it is.

Will you choose now?

I have worked all my life to make sense of being human... and it finally makes sense. Today, everything that happened happened to show me what I'm missing. I found that I am missing very little. The only thing I am missing is more time alone with me and my deep delicious dive into teaching, writing and sharing all I came to share. I've been wasting time feeding the other beast in order to make others happy and that's a cop out. I choose me. I choose to feed my yum beast.

What are you missing in your life? What beast are you feeding?

March is the 3rd month.
3 is the death phase in the first cycle of life.
YES. March is almost over, so now is the time.
Get clear and focused.
It’s time to go starve that gross beast.

I am loping beside you, wild beast. But only if you're the beast that feeds the Truth, the All, the Love, the Gratitude, the Ease, the Beauty, the Integrity, the Gorgeous YOU.

If you're not, starve that other beast. Don't be "humane." Make the choices that define you. I am rooting for you.

Beast of the Mystery, Angela
p.s. see the video of the Beasts below!


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