Being human is your full time job

May 02, 2019

My clients, friends, family are all saying the same thing - life feels so HARD lately. Like, challenge on top of challenge.
What do we do? How do we thrive and not just survive? What do we do next? Everything is changing so fast. Life is at the tips of our fingers, we have more available to us than ever before… but we aren’t engaged in a way that feels *quite right.
We are turning on ourselves. We are trying to keep up with the jonezzzes when we don’t even know WHAT we want or WHY.
You are not alone.
I feel you, deeply.
When the inspiration came to me to do this 7 day total body reset, of course it came when I was feeling high as the clouds. So good in my body. Ready to conquer life! And show you all that you can be like me! You can do anything!
And then?
Life fell apart. Everything feels like I’m trying to do it while submerged in quicksand in 100*.
I know how fucked up life can feel. My life got real fucked up real fast.

I wanted to cancel the 7 day reset. I wanted to say “don't I do enough already?” Don’t I do more more more than enough? They won't care if I cancel.
But when I checked in with myself, I was thinking of canceling because I was embarrassed. I am not on my A game. I don't look all shiny and happy and thriving. I'm in a rough place.
Which is exactly why I’m doing this damn challenge and I’m doing it right.
We will do this together, no matter where you are or what your relationship to your body is today. We are here for one another and I am so happy to share these tools and all this yummy info with you so we can transform our lives together - side by side.
If you’re on my newsletter list, you’ll automatically get the emails with the daily videos. The way you play along is to watch the videos. Maybe that's all you do. And that is enough. Please just watch the videos and walk through the actions in your mind. JUST this will change your body chemistry and your life.
If you want to play to win some of the awesome prizes, you’ll share on social media following the cues in the video/email.
Join the private facebook group here to share your progress and get secret live videos from me!
Thank you for doing this for you! See you soon.

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