I’m Angela Sumner, your guide.


My work is to show you that you can (easily!) set yourself free through discovering your one-of-a-kind Mystery.

Let me tell you a little about how I know everyone can do this. It isn’t rocket science. It’s a choice.

I was raised Southern Baptist in the dirty south and in deep poverty with a single mother and giant dreams. I quit studying at a sister-of-the-Ivy-Leage university (on loans and scholarships) to move to Spain. Don’t worry, I went back and got my degree - 2 of them! - and then immediately sailed around the world at 24 years old. Finding peace in merging with cultures that weren’t my own made no sense to the life I previously lived, so I gave up a should-be-cozy barely-pay-my-bills job life for homelessness. It was a rough few years of having nowhere to go, little to eat and no one to call. I lived with Hari Krishnas, in my car, and on Native American land. I oftentimes found myself on the floor, wishing to be dead… but my little (now 17 year old!) angel companion of a dog, audrey jonez, kept me alive.

During this time, I experienced a massive sexual trauma which triggered a tantric awakening (that I’ve heard some call a kundalini rising). This experience led me to my role as a guide because I realized I could take any experience and channel it into my greatest medicine.

I wish I could say fast-forward, but no.

It was not fast.

It was a lot of work and a lot of self-excavation that got me to this place : the place of even more work that I LOVE so much. I now share a daughter with another woman, have studied with teachers in the High Himalayas and on the streets, and brought myself from poverty to 6 figures in 6 months.

I own 2 businesses and I thrive because I choose this life. I choose to actively create my life.

And, yes, I am still homeless…though now I find my home everywhere.

Through my experience, I learned how to guide you to set yourself free by remembering Who You Are.

My path in this human life is to show you how to heal yourself and never again rely on an outside source FOR ANYTHING.

With initiations into 2 mystery schools - 1 with the great star nations of Interdimensionals (or “aliens” as they are most frequently called here on Earth) and the other into the sacred tantric teachings of Mary Magdalen and Isis/Nt - I began my devotion to the Divine recognition of the Self in the self.

I also LOVE to teach biohacking to those who want to truly optimize life through practices that elevate the spirit in human form.

I serve the world by teaching you how to uncover your significant and one-of-a-kind mission. If you give me the chance, I will show you how to embrace this human experience and become the dream of a life you always knew possible!

Set yourself free by discovering your one-of-a-kind Mystery.

To learn more about what I do, email me : [email protected] or sign up for more information here.