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Angela Sumner
222 Universe Way · The Galaxy, The Multiverse 22222 · USA

E.  hyperdimensionalhuman@gmail.com


I’m Angela Faith Sumner.

After sailing around the world, being homeless and finding MY truth of being home everywhere, I started writing for various publications including Elephant Journal, Tribe de Mama, and Mind Body Green. My desire was to chronicle tales of the road, the sea, the sky...but that journal turned into a soul-shifting jump-start. I found how to demonstrate to others that setting the mind free would allow the soul to very quickly rediscover it's home - within.. 

My path is to show you how to heal yourself and never again rely on an outside source.. 

With initiations into 2 mystery schools - 1 with the great star nations of Interdimensionals (or “aliens” as they are most frequently called here on Earth) and the other into the sacred tantric teachings of Mary Magdalen and Isis - I began my devotion to the Divine recognition of the Self in the self.

The loss of 2 children, Phoenix and LadyWolf took me even further into my dedication of examining the human experience.

I love serving the world by teaching you how to uncover your significant and one-of-a-kind mission. If you give me the chance, I will show you how to embrace this human experience and become the dream of a life you always knew possible!

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