Set yourself free by discovering your one-of-a-kind Mystery.

7 Day Body Reset

Day 7

Do you know how extra-ordinary you are?

If you're reading this, you're in the less than 1% OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION who are actually doing the inner work to elevate your external world.

And I know you know what I mean. As you do this challenge, you are seeing how disconnected others are from their lives... and in a total self-reflection way, you are seeing yourself so much more clearly now.

You are truly an example for humanity. Even if - especially if - you don't think you're good enough, you are. You are showing others how they can love their own lives.

In fact, I feel the need to tell you that right now, you are doing wonderfully. You are making the changes that impact the world in a way you can't even know - yet.

You must trust.

Congratulations, beautiful human. You made it to Day 7. I am so proud of you... and I want to tell you that if you're on Day 1 or if you're on Day 7, you're right where you need to be.

The work for today is in this video. Day 7 is all about your one of a kind swagger and how to cultivate your prowess so you can get the life you want.

How to play to win (one of the incredible prizes):
1. Do your work. If this is all you do, it is enough!!!
2. Post on your Instagram account (must be public to play!) a photo with how you are using mindfulness to reveal your magic.
3. You MUST tag me @hyperdimensionalhuman and use the hashtag #ichangemymindchallenge so I can easily find your entries!
4. You must be on my newsletter list, click here to get on it!

5. That's it.

If you want an additional entry, join the private facebook support group here and introduce yourself!  When you show up for yourself and others, you really commit. We can do this most beautifully together (and have a much bigger impact on the world and ourselves through sharing!)

This challenge has been extended for you to get all the days done and enter to win! It will last until the new moon JUNE 3rd, so do NOT feel free to take your time. Dedicate an entire moon cycle new moon to new moon to your most radical transformation!

You got this. I got you.

p.s. The 21 day Total Body Reset Course begins Summer Solstice, June 21. Register here.

angela sumner