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7 Day Body Reset

Day 3

Today’s theme is Feed Your Beauty, Nourish Your Beast.

Watch the video with today's work here.

Find below some of my favorite ways to nourish:
+ listen to the intermittent fasting podcast here. I practice intermittent fasting and it has been the one way of eating which is FREE and has allowed me to eat what I desire without concern.
+ intuitive eating The Yoga of Eating
+ mirror work info here
+  JOURNAL. Why? keep a written journal of your nourishment to encourage slowing down and connection to choice 
+ Y'ALL! I been jammin out with you. Let's dance. I started a playlist for our #ichangemymindchallenge community so go add your fave song now! and dance with all of us around the globe!

How to play to win (one of the incredible prizes):
1. Do your work. If this is all you do, it is enough!!!
2. Post on your Instagram account (must be public to play!) a photo with how you are using mindfulness to reveal your magic.
3. You MUST tag me @hyperdimensionalhuman and use the hashtag #ichangemymindchallenge so I can easily find your entries!
4. You must be on my newsletter list, click here to get on it!

5. That's it.

If you want an additional entry, join the private facebook support group here and introduce yourself!  When you show up for yourself and others, you really commit. We can do this most beautifully together (and have a much bigger impact on the world and ourselves through sharing!)

This challenge has been extended for you to get all the days done and enter to win! It will last until the new moon JUNE 3rd, so do NOT feel free to take your time. Dedicate an entire moon cycle new moon to new moon to your most radical transformation!

You got this. I got you.

p.s. The 21 day Total Body Reset Course begins Summer Solstice, June 21. Register here.

angela sumner